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Professional Cream Whipper (Mosa)

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Now with rubber grip! Ideal for restaurants, home chefs, and commercial use. Whips creams, flavored coffee toppings, delicate sauces, chef-style sweet and savory gourmet toppings and light yogurt mousses in seconds.

Transforms pureed fruits, vegetables and gelatin into authentic Spanish "espumas" and foams.

Use cold or warm ingredients to make cold or warm foams and sauces.

Yields 4 times the amount poured into cream whipper in seconds.

Keeps whipped cream fresh for up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

Lightweight and ergonomic, fits perfectly in refrigerator door shelves for optimum storage. 

Can also be used with the 8g CO2 chargers to carbonate.


This website has three recipes for the Mosa professional whipper and several special cocktails for the soda siphon, enjoy!

100% stainless steel bottle and head
0.5L holds up to 0.5L of whipping cream and up to 90ml of flavoring ingredients.
High-end commercial institutional and restaurant quality whipper
Designed specifically for rigorous use by professional chefs
Comes with 2 stainless steel decorator tips
Commercial dishwasher safe
NSF Approved
Lifetime guarantee